Still Life Oil Paintings by Ho-Young Reynolds

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I am primarily a still-life painter, although I also enjoy painting landscapes and portraits. For me, it is exhilarating to see ordinary objects transformed into things of great beauty under certain lighting conditions and arrangements.  Fixing this quiet and mysterious beauty onto my canvas is my ultimate goal.


Apart from this aesthetic concern of painting, my technical interest lies simply in finding the best solution for each pictorial problem and manipulating the paint to express my intentions. As a realist painter, however, it is vitally important for me to be able to express the surface quality and weight of my subjects as well as the atmoshpere around them. For this reason, I put much effort to ensure that my drawings are accurate.


Art is universal and timeless. Although I appreciate some modern art, I admire and take inspiration from the old masters such as Rembrandt, Chardin and Turner.


The images below represent some of my recent works.  All paintings are either oil on linen canvas or oil on linen mounted on panel.


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Ho-Young Reynolds


"Lilies" 45 x 45 cms
"Sunflowers" 40 x 45 cms
"Chinese Bowl With Fruit" 50 x 40 cms
"Chinese Vase With Tangerines" 50 x 40 cms
"Brown Vase with Chinese Lanterns" 45 x 40 cms
Chinese Vase With Cosmos 40 x 50cms
"Red Onion with Pumpkin" 40 x 30 cms
"Yellow Jug With Blue Vase" 40 x 30 cms
"Copper Pan" 40 x 30 cms
"Red Carnations with Green Vase" 30 x 26 cms
"Brown Vase With Honesty" 30 x 28
"Sake Flask with Apricots" 30 x 20 cms
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